When Ken Block's 'Gymkhana' came to the world in 2008, it not only resurrected the dwindling 'import' scene in America, it gave birth to some of the best amateur fails on the web!

In '08, the 'Fast & Furious' culture in America was, well, a laughing stock. Enthusiastic kids would spend a quick ten grand on a used Honda and never think to touch the drive-train. Custom ground effects (FX if you're nasty), fancy stickers and vehicle wraps, interior electronics... That list of throwaway customization goes on. Sure, maybe someone would spend a little on a waste gate so they could get in on that sweet, WalMart shopper 'Pssshhh' sound, but that was the extent for 99% of ricers out there.

Enter Gymkhana.

It was the essential Subaru propaganda film. Not that Subie's aren't awesome, they just weren't mainstream, yet. In true rally fashion, they managed a staggering 530HP out of Ken's STI. It reignited the need to build power into the import world. Gone was a budget for graphics in lieu of bigger turbos, better brakes, etc... You might say Ken (and his sponsors) saved a changing American muscle tradition. Sure, they're not gassers and classic hot rods, but as this dude proves, if you can hotrod a 94 Fiesta, you can pretty well do it on any budget.

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