Something odd happened today while everyone was out at lunch. A "holiday" decoration randomly showed up on the table in the Downtown Z94 Studio kitchen. The table runner is dead-on accurate for Halloween, but the happy, jolly, smiling scarecrow has the rest of us arguing over whether or not it's a Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration.

Exhibit A: Halloween is all about scary stuff. That's why they call October "Spooktober" online and in popular culture. If your decor is smiling, it's a dead giveaway it's not to be confused for a Halloween and/or Spooktober decoration.

Exhibit B: Just look at the mock clothing on this thing... It's buffalo check, corduroy, and a big floppy hat. If that doesn't scream "Single rural Uncle at Thanksgiving dinner" I don't know what does.

Exhibit C: The straw. While it's not totally out of line to use a bale of hay in your decorum for Halloween, they only reason it has become popular is because it's 1: Cheap; and 2: It can be recycled seamlessly into your Thanksgiving arrangements... err go, straw is a Thanksgiving thing since it's all about celebrating thanks for a good harvest.

Exhibit D: I'm gonna bring up the smile again, and raise you a rosey cheeks... It does not compute for Halloween.

Perhaps if this cute little decoration had a pumpkin for a head, it would be clear cut among us which category it can be used for, but I digress... It's totally a Thanksgiving decoration, and it's a cardinal sin to denigrate All Hallows Eve by jumping the gun on another holiday like this.

The prosecution rests. What say you?

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