If a Halloween makeup tutorial doesn’t include the man who boasts that “Every night for me is Halloween,” then does it even count? Of course, our series wouldn’t be complete without teaching you how to look like Halloween’s own pride and joy, King Diamond. Although, we don’t recommend showing up to grandma’s house like this unless you want her to call an exorcist.

Makeup artist Christina Vega uses Loudwire editor Joe DiVita’s face to create King Diamond’s look from the Mercyful Fate days. If that disappoints you because you would prefer to be the King from recent years or maybe even from that period of time when he rocked that complex blood splatter look, don’t fret. If you follow all of Christina’s tips and tricks in our cumulative series, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to master any corpse paint style by now, even if we didn’t cover it here. Wanna be Abbath? Shagrath? Arthur Brown? You got this!

Christina started with the black outlines for the eyes and then filled it all in, once again offering a different take on some of the other styles in this series. Joe isn’t as bearded as Graham nor does this look require the same level of coverage as Papa Emeritus III, but you’ll see it still could pose a challenge for the line work around the mouth. Christina uses her nifty wiggle trick to get thick, solid lines through Joe’s facial hair and it works like a charm.

When Christina finishes, you’ll notice there’s a little something missing. Joe reminds us to “dot your I’s and cross your T’s” as he applies the most crucial finishing touch himself – the inverted cross.

Also, no one lets him know that there’s lipstick on his teeth. People... always tell someone, male or female, when there is lipstick on their teeth. There’s my free, unsolicited advice for the year. Use it liberally.

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