Nestlé Fitness recently embarked on a little scientific journey to see how often women's breasts are ogled. Of course it didn't really take an experiment or a lot of research to  prove scientifically that all people, women included, like to stare at breasts. I know BIG SURPRISE! I've never met a person who didn't like boobies!

They outfitted a women with a hidden bra camera to see what breasts see, if boobs had eyes this is what they'd see all day. It's a first person boob cam! Nestle did this to help spread awareness for breast cancer with their Pink Ribbon initiative and to remind women to check their breasts regularly to help prevent breast cancer. Of course October is National breast cancer awareness month and this video will do a lot to help the cause.

I have to admit I was a little surprised at how many women stared at breasts, it's not just a guy thing and we now have video proof. Another scientific experiment that was recently conducted proved that it's actually healthy to look at boobs and those that do live happier and healthier lives. All I have to say about that is DUH!

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