Family?! Am I right? Especially in these cramped times we can all get on each other's nerves, but hopefully things don't escalate as fast as they do in Highly Suspect's new video for "These Days" from their MCID album.

The group landed actor Tony Cavalero from HBO's The Righteous Gemstones and Netflix's The Dirt to play the lead in their clip as the family member sitting through fresh hell at the dinner table as his parental figures and siblings engage in deplorable behavior around him. The actor jumped at the chance to take on the video, where his outer calm betrays his inner rage.

Cavalero says, "I’ve been a huge fan of Johnny [Stevens] and the Highly Suspect crew for years now. Their lyrics and musical stylings are both prolific and brilliant! It was such an honor and a privilege to collaborate with them on this video. I’m super grateful for Highly Suspect having me."

He continues, "My character represents the point of view of the 'everyman,' in a situation that represents a much bigger picture. I love the juxtaposition between what is presented and what’s really happening behind the scenes. It’s that kind of hypocrisy that we’re really struggling with in society right now and a topic that really plays out in The Righteous Gemstones as well. 'These Days' is releasing at the ripe time where I think everyone is going to relate!”

For Stevens, he was glad not to have to take center stage in the video. He explains, "I have this thing where I’m too close to my art. We are (Highly Suspect) and for as long as I can remember, difficult to really collaborate with, not because I’m a snob but maybe more so out of fear.. that somehow all of the hard work I put in will get bent into a shape I don’t find aesthetically pleasing. We’re getting better at letting other people into our tight knit community. When you find someone with as much passion as you, sometimes it’s worth giving it a shot. This time that man was Tony Cavalero (Dirt, The Righteous Gemstones, School of Rock). Tony has an incredible mind and a work ethic comparable to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. He is also hilarious."

"It’s really kind of mind blowing to see other people’s take on 'your work,'" adds Stevens. "I had read the treatment briefly but put trust into the people actually making the video so I only got to see the final version a few days before you do. I feel just as excited as you guys because for once it’s still new to me. Usually once I’m finished with a project, I’ve been so close to it that by the time it reaches your eyes and ears I’ve moved on. We couldn’t be happier with the video or more thankful to the people that were involved in making it come to life. It’s a shiny little distraction from how much these days really suck. Bravo Tony and all. You’ve taught me that it’s ok to trust a little more." Check out the clip below.

Highly Suspect, "These Days"

In other Highly Suspect news, while the band is currently having to deal with postponements due to the coronavirus pandemic, they did recently hit the road in support of the MCID album. Check out a photo gallery provided by the group below and stay up to date with their touring at their website.

Highly Suspect Behind the Scenes Tour Photos

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