Something is not right here! There are over 50 people still recovering from gunshot wounds, 12 dead, and yet teenagers around our nation have come together and started a James Holmes fan club called ‘Holmies for Life’ – expressing their love and admiration for the Aurora killer! Read the shocking letters these kids are writing!

They have Twitter accounts, Tumbrl blogs, Facebook pages where they are uploading photos of themselves wearing James Holmes’ favorite clothes, some have colored their hair red, and others are drawing disturbing images. What’s going on here?

Do they think this is a joke – because I am missing the punch line. Some fans weirdos are tweeting ‘wearing plaid, sippin’ on a slurpee – just a typical holmie’ – I am horrified right about now.

But unfortunately it doesn’t end just yet – others talk on the Internet how they want to write to James Holmes, send him love letters, (once again this is James Holmes, the guy who killed 12 people, including a 6-year-old girl and these kids are writing love letters to him). Wow.

The 'community' even has an anthem song, called 'Slurpee Rap' - classy, what can I say. Check out the disturbing song!

Some 'holmies' admit that their 'love' for James Holmes is strange, but they can't help it cause he is 'oh so cute' - and I think I am about to get sick!

'I am a seventeen year old who since i can recall, has always had a fascination with serial killers/murderers. you name it. collumbine? ted bundy? btk? i love them. do i mean i love that they killed people? of course not. i would never kill anyone and i feel for the families who have lost loved ones. however, i'm always intrigued as to why they committed these crimes. how did they do it? what goes through their minds?' - a quote from a 'holmie' on Buzzfeed.

Here is my advise to you so called ‘Holmies’ seek help NOW – please. You desperately need it! Admiring someone who killed 12 innocent people and left so much pain behind, is not a good roll model. And if you think that it’s funny and cool to be a James Holmes follower – it’s not – far from it.

What do you think about this fan club?