I know it's an unpopular opinion, but Honda makes the best small motors and motorcycles in the world. Whether it's the tiny four cylinder motor in your old school CRX with a million miles on it, or the 500cc thumper four stroke making noise in the mountains, Honda rules the world outside the US. In Japan, they used to even offer a 2-in-1 car with a built in scooter as an option. It was called the Honda City.

Even though prices of gas are somewhat OK at the moment, people sure don't travel as much as they used to in America. At $2.30/gallon, it costs twice as much to drive anywhere as it did twenty years ago. A barrel of oil isn't worth twice as it was back then... What changed?

While I'm sure we can wane prophetically and geo-politically about why gas is so expensive, I'd rather try to convince Honda to offer their car/scooter combo again. Imagine driving up to Bricktown in your Pilot or CRV, parking in the free lot at Bass Pro, then to get around, you just pull a Honda scooter out of the back... That would be awesome. And as Honda's are just about the only reasonably priced reliable cars in our current world, I bet it would be one heck of a seller.

Also, before you shoot off your "Harley is king of the motorcycle" blah-blah, can it. Harley can't hold a candle to a Honda. That's why Harley is making more models "like" Honda's.

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