Where Metallica meets the rubber — well, synthetic rubber — gloves, is where viewers will find a perplexing new guitar challenge coined by the YouTube rocker known as JMAP.

How many rubber gloves are too many rubber gloves to properly play Metallica's "Enter Sandman" on guitar?

That's what JMAP wanted to find out, so he made a video of himself performing the Metallica riff over and over again while wearing progressively more and more layers of nitrile exam gloves.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

By the end of it, the guitarist can barely play well at all, much less effectively execute "Sandman." Still, the general notes are there. He then requires assistance to get over 20 layers of gloves off of his sweaty hands.

It just goes to show that an inventive musician can do most anything they set their mind to — lol — even if that something is creating obstacles for themselves.

JMAP also has clips of himself playing metal versions of other tunes online, no gloves on, including many amped-up renditions of video game songs.

View more of the musician's work on YouTube. JMAP also plays in the band Exotosis, whose recent album Vandals is available via Bandcamp and elsewhere.

Metallica recently issued a remastered and expanded edition of their landmark "Black Album," the metal legends' 1991 self-titled effort that contains "Enter Sandman." In September, drummer Lars Ulrich said it was "way too early" to talk about a new Metallica album.

JMAP, "How Many Gloves Until I Can't Play 'Enter Sandman' Anymore?"

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