So I was rummaging through my news feed the other day on social media and noticed a familiar tale. Someones dogs were out again. I only say "again" because the person who posted it said "again." That just begs the question, at what point to you just assume people aren't familiar with how gates and fences work?

Don't get me wrong, I had goats growing up. I completely understand how Houdini animals can be. You could look out the back door, have an accurate count, but by the time you made it back to the front of the house, you'd look out and see a few walking the fence looking for the weeds you were too lazy to hit with the string trimmer. This means you have to engage in a boring stake-out without the buzz of an 1980's foreshadowing montage, but at some point, you learn the "how" of the situation and fix it right?

Perhaps the real problem here is the odds between renters who don't want to "improve" a property that isn't theirs, and landlords that accept pets in their rental units, but also do not want to improve a property they don't live at. I kind of get the argument. I put a whole new lawn into a rental property one year. It was the catalyst that finally made me look and buy a home for myself. Maybe shoring up fences and gates is just the fun outdoor activity you can get the whole family behind. Either way, if your missing pet posts include a word bomb like "again," maybe your parents were right, and you're just not responsible enough for them yet.

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