With just a little over two weeks until classes are once again in session in Lawton/Fort Sill, just how comfortable are you sending your kids back to school?

Ready to Learn!
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A survey of 2,000 American parents of school-aged children also revealed more than half (51%) of parents don’t feel prepared for the upcoming school year. Whether you were able to be home to home school, or you delegated that to a tutor last year, in-class learning is set to begin for Lawton Public Schools on August 12, 2021.

This survey conducted by OnePoll for SitterCity, explored the ways that last school year during the pandemic are affecting parents readiness for the new school.  Many parents don't even know what morning routines look like after the ever changing schedules of last year.

And with the rising cases of COVID 19 in our State, and the new Delta strain, more questions than answers arise about whether kids will stay in school this year.  Take a look at how some parents responded to questions concerning this years school year.

I don't have school age children any more, but my daughter does.  She was able to be home with her children during the summer and during some of the pandemic, and I really think she is ready for a more normal year.  Where kids go to school.

This is the time of year we shop for back to school clothes, and school supplies, and promote to new schools.  Are you ready for all of this?

Take our quick poll and let us know how ready you are to send your children back to the classroom!  Or...is virtual your choice for this year?  I talked to a Senior mom this week, and she said her Senior preferred virtual learning and isn't the least bit concerned about missing anything in his Senior Year.

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