If you weren't aware, we're rolling through the most common week of the year that most people give up on their new year's resolutions. It always starts with most giving up their diets for Super Bowl party foods, but by the end of this week, the average person will just accept that change is too hard and stop trying.

Don't be a quitter. We're all collectively in the same boat, we just don't talk about it since personal change is so, well, personal.

I have a nephew that's halfway through his first year of high school and now discovering the value of social skills... Most kids his age have been glued to screens up to this point in their lives, so most young people are becoming "late bloomers" when it comes to developing those skills.

His new year's resolution was to make more friends and become a more likable person... not that he's not likable now, he totally is... but if you remember how high school was, it's the shy kids that are always labeled as tree kids, wallflowers, and weirdos.

While social skills aren't hard to develop, if you don't have a bro to point the way by example, they're not skills that anybody would ever call "easy" to pick up on out of thin air.

How To Be A More Likable Person

Whether the elected solitude of an ongoing pandemic has you feeling a little lonely and longing for friends, or you were just born naturally shy, it's relatively easy to become the social and likable person you wish to be. You just need some pro-tips. While social skills are usually developed over a few years, here are a few "fake it till you make it" tips to get you started.

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