As it turns out, eggnog isn't just some prepackaged gnarly holiday drink you buy at the grocery store. It's simple, easy, and perfect.

Just like you, I've have that one holiday party experience where you get offered a traditional eggnog, only to discover it's about 90% "whatever's cheapest" bourbon poured down on top of it. It bites hard, but you don't want to be impolite... So you gulp it down and reach for something to nurse a little more your style.

Given that one bad experience we've all had with eggnog, this looks absolutely amazing. Quality pours, caring prep, and an easy DIY recipe anyone can follow along with.

Just about the only bummer with this is the ingredient list. If you don't happen to have these liquors in your cabinet, you'd be in for quite the bill to stock it proper. But I'll tell you the truth, it looks like it's worth it.


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