Here we are, day one of a new cash code contest and the same question beckons... How would you spend a free ten thousand dollars if you won our Go Fund Yourself contest? You should take a minute to think about your answer... believe me, it's a loaded question.

Obviously, I'm not eligible to win my own contest, but there's nothing in the rule book about daydreaming about a fat stack of won money or playing with the ideas of how to spend it. The adult in me says to pay what little debt I have and stick the rest in either a savings or investment account, but diamond hands went out of style in February, and those still hanging on to $AMC are just pawns in a chess game between millionaires at this point. That's the adult in me saying "Do the smart thing."

There's another side to my inner sensible adult that can only imagine what ten grand would look like in my yard. A new fancy top-tier mower, all the matching yard tools to boot. Maybe a small investment in a pallet of lawn chemicals to keep my yard the best looking on the block for the next decade. It'd be really easy for me to justify a boring adult move like that because I love my yard. I love the work it takes, the feel of it under my feet, and that deep green it gets by Memorial Day.

All the same, what's left of my inner youth is telling me something completely different. No, I'm not dim enough to think ten grand will even put a dent in the ridiculously high price of a new trucks these days, but it could cut a payment to almost nothing on that Honda Africa Twin DCT in the rally colors... Do I need another motorcycle? No. But she sure is a beaut.

What would you do with ten grand?

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