The Grinch stole Christmas this year for several people in and around Oklahoma County. Earlier today it was discovered that around 600 Amazon packages were stolen, gone through, and unwanted items and empty boxes dumped on the side of the road. The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office has reported that they're investigating the crime and that most of the packages were supposed to be delivered by Christmas.

The evidence was found in the area of 206th Street and Harrah Road on New Year's Eve. According to the Sheriff's office, the tracking information or numbers on the packages show that they left the Amazon warehouse and were set to go to USPS for delivery but never made it there. Now investigators are working with Amazon and USPS to notify those who were victims of this theft. The Grinch won't get away with this! Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office

If you have any information you're asked to contact the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office with any details you may have. You can also check out their official Facebook page for updates and to contact them if you have any information. They've asked that if you're missing a package please not contact them as they're working with USPS and Amazon and if you're a victim of this crime you'll be contacted as soon as possible.

I feel bad for all the people who were expecting packages this Christmas and instead, a thief made off with them. I feel really bad if some of those packages were meant for kids, and I'm sure some of them were. This is taking porch piracy to an all-new and despicable level. Hopefully, everyone will get their packages and the Grinch or Grinches are caught.

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