If you're planning on traveling down I-40 this weekend near Midwest City and Del City, Oklahoma, then you better be prepared for traffic and detours.

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On Monday, May 15, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation announced that there will be full weekend closures of I-40 near Midwest City and Del City, southeast of Oklahoma City. Specifically, the closures will be all eastbound and westbound lanes of I-40 between I-35 and Choctaw Road.

The I-40 closures will begin Friday, May 19.

These closures are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Friday, May 19 and lasting through 5:30 a.m. Monday, May 22, weather permitting, of course. According to the ODOT press release, these closures are part of a "more than $170 million I-40 Douglas Boulevard interchange and widening project." During these closures, crews will be given the space to safely remove the Engle Road bridge over I-40.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

In the press release, the ODOT District 4 Engineer says these full interstate closures are not taken lightly.

"The department does not undertake full interstate closures lightly as we understand the significant impact and cost to motorists any time a closure takes place,” said Trenton January, ODOT District 4 engineer. “This closure is necessary to remove an outdated bridge over I-40 in the safest and most timely manner possible. Removal of the Engle Rd. bridge, which has been closed to traffic for several years, allows the necessary room for the widening of I-40 to six lanes."

See the full closure details below from ODOT.

All eastbound and westbound I-40 traffic will be detoured during the closure to I-240. Eastbound I-40 traffic will be detoured at I-35 to eastbound I-240 while westbound I-40 traffic will be detoured to westbound I-240 starting at Choctaw Rd. Motorists also may consider using alternate routes such as US-62/N. 23rd St. or the tolled route of the Kickapoo Turnpike to US-62 or to I-44.

Lane closures in Oklahoma City and Midwest City include:

  • The three left lanes of eastbound I-40/I-35 will be closed at Shields Blvd. and traffic will be diverted to northbound I-35.
  • Southbound I-235 will be narrowed to two lanes and the ramp to eastbound I-40 will be closed. All southbound I-235 traffic must go either to southbound I-35 or to westbound I-40.
  • The right lane of southbound I-35 will be closed at N.E. 10th Traffic must take westbound I-40/southbound I-35.
  • Westbound I-40 will be narrowed to one lane and detoured to westbound I-240 starting at Choctaw Rd.
  • Westbound I-40 ramps from Anderson Rd., Douglas Blvd., Industrial Blvd., Town Center Dr., Air Depot Blvd. and Hudiburg Dr. will be closed.
  • Anderson Rd. will be closed at I-40 for bridge work during the closure.

Eastbound I-40 ramps will be closed starting in Oklahoma City and continuing east into Del City and Midwest City. Ramp closures include:

  • Southbound I-35 ramp to eastbound I-40;
  • Eastbound I-40 ramps from Scott St., Sunnylane Rd., S.E. 15th, Sooner Rd., Air Depot Blvd., Town Center Dr. and from Industrial Blvd., which is permanently closed.
  • Southbound and northbound Douglas Blvd. ramps to eastbound I-40 will be closed.
Westbound I-40 will be closed between Choctaw Rd. and Hudiburg D
Oklahoma Department of Transportation

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