I've never really been a big vacation kind of guy. I prefer hanging around the house doing projects and keeping myself busy. Normally when I take some time off work I'm planning on doing a big project, usually working on the house or one of the vehicles. As a matter of fact I'll be taking some time off soon for another stay-cation to hopefully finish painting the outside of my house. People think I'm crazy for doing this.

Sure I've gone on vacation plenty of times, well a few anyway. We've taken the kids to Disneyland, we've been to Vegas and a few years ago we spent an entire week in Hollywood doing all the touristy type things. All these trips or vacations were fun and I really enjoyed them, I just don't think to do it that often. That and the money, there's always that. I'll admit I'm weird and fine projects incredibly relaxing. I love doing DIY projects and home improvements. I've been remodeling the house for the past couple of years and spend most of my vacation time from work doing that.

I know for a lot of people getting away and taking a vacation is a big part of their mental health and well being. A time to decompress and spend time with family, friends or even getting some alone time in. I get it and completely understand that. Probably more now than ever. I have to say that once COVID-19 moves on and the family is able I could use a break. All this time stuck around the house when not working is making us all a little stir crazy.

So I'm thinking I could use some of my time off this year by taking an actual vacation. Not too sure what type or where we'll go but somewhere. If anything else to have a change of scenery and maybe do some fun activities. At this time I really don't care where we go. I'd like to drive so we can take our time and enjoy the trip. Now I just need to map out where we're going and what we're doing. To all the vacation pros who get away and travel all the time do you have any ideas? Leave a comment below and let me know, thanks!

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