Before you say a Sith's cremation isn't holiday enough for christmas, shut up. You're wrong for thinking that. That was literally the only family moment together the Skywalker clan had. With that out of the way, let me begin.

Since I was a child, christmas morning present opening happened to the sound and relaxing ambience of a fire in the family fireplace. This was in the 1980's before we all knew how burning wood in the house actually made it colder. We've all moved on to more efficient means of ambience, but that fireplace tradition remains to this day. Of course, with the word "efficient" also comes "heat." I don't know if you've noticed, but fan-blown gas inserts pump out some serious BTU's. Mix in that it's rarely cold on christmas day in Oklahoma, and nobody is looking to open presents sweating in the heat.

Oh what to do?

Every year since streaming became a thing, it's been a family tradition to supplement the real/gas fire with one played on the tv. Now, instead of having to open the doors or run the air conditioner (running the ac in the cold has ruined two of my parents units in the last decade, just open a door/window) you can 'cool' it up a little bit playing classic xmas tunes over Darth Vader's quasi-Viking space cremation pyre! I put this up on the tv two years ago and nobody noticed it was a funeral. It was just a fireplace out of the corner of your eye with some music underneath. Now, it's become a family tradition in the Kelso clan.

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