Earlier this year, it was revealed that Ill Nino had split into two different groups, who are now involved in a legal dispute over the ownership of the band's name. Drummer Dave Chavarri, bassist Lazaro Pina and percussionist Daniel Cuoto make up one group, who now have a new singer and two new guitarists. The opposing group consists of original singer Cristian Machado and guitarists Ahrue Luster and Diego Verduzco.

Shortly after, Machado, Luster and Verduzco claimed they had never actually left the band, but had been kicked out. Therefore, both groups were still technically attempting to operate under the Ill Nino name. MetalSucks obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed by Machado, Luster and Verduzco against Chavarri and Pina.

The 53-page lawsuit features a long list of complaints, such as failure to pay the band's tour rental company and engineers, slandering Machado by spreading rumors that he has a drug problem, collecting and spending the band's money without consulting in all of the members and refusing the members access to the group's financial records. Apparently, they also offered Chavarri a buyout offer that he rejected before forcing them out of the band. The full complaint can be read here.

Machado, Luster and Verduzco wish to regain the rights to Ill Nino and rid it of Chavarri, in addition to receiving damages of an amount that will be determined by the court.

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