Ill Nino's very public divide in 2019 has apparently played out, with longtime members Dave Chavarri and Laz Pina ending up being the members that will retain the group's name moving forward.

Back in January of 2019, the group issued a new song titled "Sangre," but the band had three new members joining Chavarri and Pina. Shortly thereafter, singer Cristian Machado, guitarist Ahrue Luster and rhythm guitarist Diego Verduzco disputed that they were no longer part of the group and challenged ownership over the band's name.

The divide between the two sides was then detailed in a lawsuit that became public in March of 2019, with Machado, Luster and Verduzco calling out the other two members over financial issues among other items. After that, things remained quiet in the public between the two sides until the announcement of the resolution of the battle over the name came via social media on March 26.

Hello Everyone,

Ahrue, Christian, Dave, Diego, and Laz announce that they have reached a mutual, amicable, & binding agreement. Original members Dave Chavarri and Laz Pina are excited to continue with Ill Nino. Original member Cristian Machado, along with Diego Verduzco, and Ahrue Ilustre look forward to their next projects. No party has admitted fault and there has been no court judgment on the merits. The parties entered into a confidential settlement agreement.

Thank you

It has not been revealed as of yet how or where Machado, Verduzco and Luster will turn up. At the time of the song's release, Chavarri and Pina had added Shattered Sun vocalist Marcos Leal, former Upon a Burning Body rhythm guitarist Sal Dominguez, Sons of Texas guitarist Jess Dehoyos to the lineup along with returning percussionist Daniel Couto.

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