I don't think there's a single American out there that likes to pay their taxes. Sure, we collectively know what the government is "supposed" to do with our money, but if we're honest, when was the last time a sensible dollar was spent by someone in any government, big or small? Beyond that, the way an individuals taxes are calculated based on what is and isn't somehow deductible is a like playing Minesweeper. Sure, you can win, but eventually you blow yourself up with one wrong click. The whole system is broken, and it's such a big mess, there's no map to travel down a road to fix it.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the basics of why and how it costs money to have things like a postal service, the military, roads, etc... but the tax brackets are where I typically roll into a nuclear rage of confounded ignorant bliss. I have to watch my pay throughout the year so I don't accidentally roll into a more expensive bracket. Years like 2020, with limited events and opportunities for additional monies, it wasn't as much of a worry. But in previous years, I remember rolling into a new bracket by $2.12 and no figurative way to move that needle a few dollars South. No kids to cash in, not enough house to deduct, not enough deductions to itemize overall. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it nearly doubled my tax bill. It was the difference in getting back a grand and owing an additional grand. How are we still pretending to be doing good with that sort of system?

When Herman Cain ran for president years ago, he had this wild idea that all citizens above a certain pay-point would pay a flat income tax. In exchange for your deductions, everyone would be taxed at a lower and equal rate. It was a wild and crazy idea, but when they did the math, someone figured out the government would then have more tax revenue than they'd ever had before. It made sense to me, and on the promise of more money to toss into pork spending and give away to countries that hate us, I'm still wondering why they haven't gone that route yet. Of course, you account the small, simple minds of the politicians that are responsible for spending those dollars. Even with more money, we'd probably somehow manage to rack up even more national debt.

That national debt is approaching a new high score if you didn't know... Just over $28trillion as I'm writing this.

I'd imagine that, given the average age of our elected leaders, most of these people came of age and to power in the 80's... the decade of excess on credit. Maybe that's why these old coots are so bad with money. They've been treading debt waters for five decades and are at the end of their journey just trying to fake it til they make it.

If you're still reading, I appreciate it. It's never fun being the ear to someones complaints. All the same, getting pissed off about taxes is just about the most American thing I can think of. Someone start a revolution!

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