I was clicking around on the internet and learned something sort of shocking. Of everyone that is moving to Oklahoma, California is sending the fourth most new residents.

The facts... Texas provides just over 25% of all new Okies on average. Colorado provides just under 10% of new residents. Arkansas sends a hair less than Colorado, but California provides the fourth most new residents to Oklahoma.

That has to be a polarizing experience.

Call it the difference of politics, but this is some unexpected news to hear about both of these states. Cali calls Oklahoma a "fly-over" state, and Okies lovingly refer to the Golden State as Commiefornia... Who would ever expect any carryover there?

Regardless, since our states are so seemingly different, and the fact I literally see this question on social media every week, I thought it'd be a good thing to share what our new future Okies can expect when moving to Heartland of America.

What To Know When Moving To Oklahoma

Against popular in-state belief, Oklahoma is currently growing. In fact, the Sooner State has been steadily growing for the last thirty-ish years. We haven't had a population dip since the mid-90s.

As of 2023, native-born and adopted Okies now make up a wolfpack of over 4 million people, and if trends continue, we'll just keep adding new residents to the mix. Whether Americans are coming to Oklahoma for a more cost-effective lifestyle or just for work, here are a few things they can expect when they get here.

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