I have to get on my soap box for a few minutes.  Being retired Navy, I take pride in the job I did and the time I served my country.

What I do not take pride in is the fact that there are individuals who want to "show off" what is not rightfully theirs.  If you were not in the military, don't say you were. 

If your were not in the "Elite Forces" i.e. Rangers, Seals or what ever don't say you were.  Do not claim to be a hero.  There are too many "hero's" in our military.  Most have laid down their life in the name of our great country.

I have a problem with a Pastor in Pennsylvania who not only claimed to be a Navy Seal but served in Vietnam as well. 

 Lying is one thing.  As a pastor you  preach that day in and day out. 

But then to claim to be a person that has protected "his" country as a Navy Seal, well shame on you. 

I hope you sleep well at night while the US Armed Forces are protecting YOU from thousands of miles away. 

Ok. I am done now.  God bless our Armed Forces and God Bless America.