Okay, Iron Maiden nerds, here's your chance to prove you know the band's music better than anyone — most importantly, your friends who claim to love Maiden more than you do.

Iron Maiden's Beat the Intro is a spinoff of the popular Beat the Intro app which challenges users to identify songs from brief snippets of the music (three choices are provided and you select the correct one for points). As explained in a recent post on the group's Facebook page, Beat the Intro approached Iron Maiden's team about adding songs to the app's catalog. This "mutated" into a standalone app dedicated for Iron Maiden fans and is available on Google Play and Apple's App Store.

For now, only one game pack has been unlocked with more arriving in the coming months with increasing difficulty. Each pack comes with three levels where users can play a solo game or challenge a friend with a leaderboard displaying the results after each game. The quicker you identify a song, the more points you are awarded until the round is over.

The app arrives just ahead of Iron Maiden's European tour as they kick off the "Legacy of the Beast" run this Saturday (May 26) in Tallin, Estonia. Killswitch Engage will provide support on the whole trek and a list of all upcoming dates can be seen here.

Maiden have been ramping up their presence in the mobile game space in the last couple years. The group launched the Legacy of the Beast battle game in 2016 and their mascot, Eddie, was transformed into a special character on Angry Birds Evolution last fall.

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