The commode, the stool, the crapper. Just some of the names we have heard about our porcelain friend in the bathroom. 101 years have come and gone since Thomas Crapper invented a way to dispose of, well you know.

Now fast forward into the 21st century and a meet high end retailer that sell everything you need for the bathroom including big screen TVs for the shower has now gone deep into the bowels.

Introducing the "smart toilet" by Kohler. Affectionately known as Numi, this toilet/bidet is what some would say is a way to flush your hard earned dollars down the drain.

Make no mistake about it. This is not your grandmas toilet in the out house. It comes with the following features. A touch screen pad that controls everything from temperature of the seat and rear drying power to the radio. The lid rises to greet you as you walk into the bathroom and the floor heater will keep your toes toasty warm in winter.

The average American will pay $250 for a toilet for their home. Maybe upwards of $1200 for a designer bowl. The price tag on this marvel of water technology - $6,390.

Smart toilets have been the thing in Japan for years now, But here in this side of the Pacific, well we tend to like old fashioned jiggle the chain to stop the water.

This will not be an easy sell except maybe to the upscale people who also like a sub zero refrigerator and a jacuzzi tub. The manufacturer hopes that with all of the technology packed into this toilet, dinner parties will now inevitably end up in the bathroom.

They hope that with in ten years that a quarter of all homes in the US will have a smart toilet.

Would you get one?

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