For decades now, there has been a nationwide PSA message of "Do not leave your pets and/or kids in the car." And even as recently as last Summer, it still doesn't click with some people even here in SWOK. It seems that people think a quick trip into a store isn't enough time gone to concern themselves with their pets and/or kids. I get it. It's a hassle, but there's a responsibility there to be a normal human being and take the living things with you. Enter Tesla.

Telsa is pushing out a pet mode now. This allows you to hit a button, and the vehicle goes into climate control mode for the living things in your car while you pop in and out of the coffee shop. It sounds like a solid solution to an easily avoidable problem... but it doesn't actually address the problem does it? They can call it 'Dog Mode' all they want, but eventually, much like the dude sleeping during his commute on auto-pilot, someone will make headlines across the country for leaving kids in the car. That's not to say this feature shouldn't be available. You can't predict free-will and a persons use of common sense, nor can you legislate "future crime" Minority Report style...

So, do you think this just reaffirms lazy behavior? Or do you think it's a useful convenience? Leave a comment back on Facebook.

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