Just as August 1st was too early to start putting out Halloween candy, now is too early to be putting out all the xmas crap. Sure, it's pretty... all the colors and twinkling lights, but who plans for christmas decorating two months in advance? Besides skipping straight over Halloween, there's another big holiday in there getting slighted....Thanksgiving.

Full disclosure, I have gone my entire adult life without having ever decorated for any holiday. It's just not my bag... but I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone (beside KLAW's Jeri Anderson) decorating for christmas this early in the year. Xmas wraps up fourth quarter, and we just started it!

Still, that's not to say you shouldn't be shopping for presents. It's never fun to do that at the last minute. I finished mine in mid-July... but I'm the boring uncle that buys everyone the exact same epic present. Burrito blankets this year, it's gonna be awesome. But that doesn't mean I'm ready for xmas. There's a whole lot of outdoor living to be done before then. Cool days make for great fishing. Doesn't mean they'll bite, but at least you're not sweating your pantalones off.

I hereby petition the Lawton City Council... Pass a motion that bans christmas decor from being displayed or sold until the day after Thanksgiving.

Also, if you are planning on decorating this year, you should totally metal out a black xmas tree.


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