The United Way fundraising campaign is in full swing. Townsquare Media in Lawton is a pacesetter organization so we have been coming up with all sorts of different ways to raise money. We've waited tables at El Chico in Central Mall last Friday. We have coin jars in all our departments. This is a fun game. Each department is encouraged to put pennies in the jar. Well, the opposing departments put silver (nickles, dimes and quarters) into the other departments jars to "take away" the pennies. It's getting cut throat around here!

Today was probably my favorite so far. We decided to have International Food Day at our studios! (Of course we would have to pick a day that I have to weigh in! I'll save mine for later.) I have not seen so much food since Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year. We had food from some of the best places to eat. I can't decide my favorite. Click on "Caption" to see where each dish is from:


Each person gave $10 to the United Way to sample some of the great dishes. (We did have some leftovers.)

What creative ways has your company come up with to raise funds for the United Way? We would love to hear your ideas.

Now, it's time to take a nap!

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