The McRib is Available at Lawton McDonalds!
Today's the day, the McRib is back! The wait is finally over and you can now order the McRib at all Lawton McDonald's. That's what I ate for lunch and what I plan on eating for dinner as well. It'll only be out for a limited time so you have to fill up and eat as many as possible…
Top 10 Lawton Businesses We Wish Were Still Open
Yesterday I was talking with some friends, reminiscing about places that are no longer open in Lawton, Fort Sill. We all started naming off businesses and restaurants that we loved and would go to all the time, but sadly are no longer with us.
Smokin' Joe's BBQ Is Becoming OK's Favorite BBQ Joint
If you've explored the must-see destinations across Southern and Southwest Oklahoma, odds are you've heard about Smokin' Joe's Rib Ranch. It's a funky looking BBQ joint out in the middle of nowhere. If you've ever talked BBQ with anyone, they've probably told you h…
How the Grinch Made Christmas Cookies
I have always loved the idea of baking homemade Christmas Cookies every year.  After all, I am Jeri Christmas, Right?  The reality, though, is two fold, first, you have to literally make time to do this sort of thing, and I couldn't do it without a stand mixer.  The dough is just…

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