From music to Volkswagons, its going to be a very busy weekend in Medicine Park, as Friday kicks off celebrations of music and classic cars, with the return of Parkstomp and V-Dubs In The Park to the town by the Medicine Creek.

Starting on Friday night, the world is welcomed to this sleepy Wichita Mountains town, as the Parkstomp music Festival kicks off its seventh year. The annual event serves as the kickoff to the Medicine Park music season. Parkstomp was created to celebrate "Jazz Grass", a unique style of blue grass music that is generally found in the Ozark Mountains. The form combines traditional blue grass with jazz instrumentation, forming a very unique brand of music. The event will cover three days, beginning Friday night at 7p.m.

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Things may get a little crowded in 'The Park' on Saturday, when V-Dubs in the Park returns, celebrating classic Volkswagons from the Bus to the Beetle to the Bug. What started out as a gathering of enthusiasts, has over the years grown into a car show and camp-out with a sixties vibe. All bugs, buses and beetles are invited, with registrations for the car show Friday evening.

There's no prize money, just the great vibration that comes with victory and sharing good times. You can also pre-register online at And for those not into technicalities like 'registration', you can just show up on Medicine Park's cobblestone streets on Saturday.


ParkStomp Schedule

Friday, at the Park Tavern

7 PM --- Just Strangers

9 PM --- Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings

11 PM -- The Squarshers


Saturday, Main Stage

Noon --- SpringBilly

2 PM --- The Squarshers

4 PM --- Feast ov Fools

6 PM --- Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings

8 PM --- The Ben Miller Band


Sunday, Main Stage

1 PM --- Just Strangers

3 PM --- Dance Monkey Dance

5 PM ---SteamBoat Bandits

7 PM --- Arkansauce

story courtesy of The Lawton Constitution and City of Medicine Park

Parkstomp schedule courtesy of The Lawton Constitution

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