FAIR WARNING: There's some pretty NSFW language in the video above.

Welcome to Australia, home of everything that wants to kill you. Today's little killer is a raging wild fire in the heart Southern Australia. It ferociously burned for eight days during November & December 2015 - AKA - Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Basically, about the same time as meteorological now in SWOK. With plenty of dry grasses to fuel the blaze, and high winds whipping it into a pure fury of fire, it's amazing these firefighters made it out unscathed.

If you're wondering why the truck filming didn't attempt to reverse out like the forward engine, they were engaging their 'burnover' safety protocol (video below). Basically, they wrap heat shielding blankets around the human quarters, turn on the exterior sprinklers, and let the fire pass them. As fast as these flames were moving, it sure didn't last long.

As we're currently in a Red Flag Warning and Wind Advisory, the weather is prime for some serious wild fires. Be vigilant of possible ignition sources - ie - the grill, welding, grinding, cutting, smoking, etc... Things are challenging enough politically in the state right now, no need to burn it down.

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