As we roll through what is National Paranormal Day in America, the discussion around the Downtown Studios has been "Do you believe in ghosts?" and the answer isn't always an easy one.

According to a nationwide survey, about half of everyone believes in ghosts or spirits. My mother is included in that slim 52% majority of believers out there, but it's not like she sees ghosts all the time, it's a rare thing.

Some odd twenty years ago our aunts' husband unexpectedly passed away. My mom was at the hospital with her sister to comfort her in her time of need. After he passed, the staff invited her back to say her goodbyes, and while she began her mourning process, my mom swears she looked up and saw him standing in the corner, viewing his own physical body. They made eye contact, gave a gentle nod, and off he went into the beyond.

To add fuel to the fire, this is not a unique experience in her life. There have been several passed family members to have made an appearance to her directly after their deaths. I tend to believe it's one of her coping methods, a right brain/left brain deja vu type thing happening in real-time... it's understandable knowing how creative our imaginations are... but when we've talked about it, nobody can convince her of anything other than what she believes, and there's nothing wrong with that.

55% of Americans think a full moon has some sort of influence on how we act. While I would love to make jokes about people using a full moon as an excuse to lay off the act-right, I have an RN nurse sister that swears the nights leading up to and following a full moon bring all the crazies down to the yard.

Personally, I believe the full moon has a definite effect on fishing... so maybe it's not such a far-fetched belief. After all, the influence the moon has on our planet is undeniable, but I wouldn't say it's paranormal.

Shockingly, nearly twenty percent of Americans believe psychics are real... like they can read your palm, look into the beyond, and tell you your fortune. I think it's pure hogwash, but I grew up in a time when psychics were at their peak popularity.

Do you remember Miss Cleo?

Of course, there's no shame in believing whatever you believe in the realm of paranormal activity. Some people make a really good living with their, ahem, talents... Others don't. After all, if psychics were real, local news media would put as many on retainer as possible.

Whether you believe it or not, it has no bearing on someone else's beliefs. Feel free to celebrate the holiday however you see fit. Maybe that's drawing protective enchantments or maybe it's the excuse someone needs to finally get comfortable in their experience.

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