We've seen some great face masks when out and about in and around Lawton, Fort Sill and we want to see yours, be a part of the "Masquerade Ball." We're collecting up pictures of all the best and most creative face masks around town and there's a lot of them. We've seen everything from wild to mild and every conceivable type, pattern and style of face mask from store bought to homemade. People are getting pretty creative when it comes to their mask and how they wear it. We've gone beyond fit and function into the realms of fashion and even fancy.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started at least In the beginning we mainly saw paper masks, surgical, N95 even just regular old dust masks being used. But as time and the virus wore on we started seeing all kinds of face masks with people making their own or purchasing custom ones.

Who would have thought a few months ago that there would be a market for custom masks, well it's happened and I bet it's very profitable. We're seeing masks with artists, bands, sports teams, celebrities, super heroes, video games, movies, TV themed and every other imaginable interest represented in face mask form now.

Critter Face Mask 630X420

What originally started out as necessity has quickly become an extension of one's personality. The mask you're wearing says a lot about you as a person and your personality. I'm sure you've been somewhere out shopping, at work or in the neighborhood and saw a mask you thought was either really cool, creative or one you'd like to have yourself, strange isn't it? We have some really talented people in Lawton, Fort Sill making masks and a lot of them to order if you're lucky enough to get in line or know someone who has the sewing skills. There's limitless design possibilities.

If you've already submitted a photo for the "Masquerade Ball" just click link below to check out all of photos. A great collection of some of the most creative and colorful masks not to mention characters around.


We'd love to see your mask. Submit a quick photo and tell us a little about your mask. Is it store bought, purchased online or custom made. Did you make it yourself, or was it made for you? Show it off and let us know all about it. We'll gather up all the photos and create a "Masquerade Ball" photo gallery with all the submissions.

Let's have some fun and make the most out of what's going on and maybe get some more ideas for some new masks. No matter what kind of mask you're wearing we'd like to see it. We'll even include all the pictures we receive on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and with our mobile app.

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