In talking with Dallas Cowboys fans, you'd be amazed how many of them just don't know there's more than one additional week of football in the NFL postseason. Like, there's a bunch of games beyond that one extra week of games.

I was chatting this weekend with my cousin, a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, who when I had to talk to someone about the Chiefs/Bills game at halftime last night, insisted there wasn't any football worth watching on the tube because 'Dem Boyz' didn't make it beyond the first postseason wildcard week... again... At 12-5, it remains a travesty.

It just goes to show, even when the Dallas Cowboys are good and going strong, their fate shall continue to remain to be a lingering meme of failure and poor game-time decisions.

So what can a Dallas Cowboy fan do to enjoy the bounty that is postseason professional football?

Adopt a new team.

I know that is a controversial statement, but hear me out... I'm not saying you can't root for your beloved Dallas Cowboys... I'm just saying if you could have a little skin in the game beyond the wildcard round if you opted for a second "favorite" team in your stable.

For instance, I have a friend that loves his Dallas Cowboys. They're the closest team to where we live, it's only natural. That being said, he's really a die-hard Browns fan deeper in his heart. He bleeds orange and brown... but they rarely even make it to that crucial wildcard week, so he's opted to extend his season as a fan by at least seven days by adopting a second professional NFL team.

What you may not realize is, you don't have to limit yourself to just one team. You're allowed to have as many as you want really.

It's sort of the same as my thoughts on college football. I'm a die-hard, orange and black bleeding OSU Cowboy fan... but I still love to see OU do well when they're not doing the Bedlam thing... Going a step further, I love seeing our BIG12 teams do well in the bowl season.

I may loathe Iowa State and their season-wrecking tendencies most of the year, but you can bet I was pulling for them against Clemson in the Cheeze-It bowl this past bowl season.

So what team should you adopt as a second child to the sports household? It's really up to you. You can adopt any team you want as a secondary.

Before you start thinking you would never betray your team like that, think about this for a second...

When your chosen team doesn't earn an invite to the big dance, most fans usually switch gears and offer an opinion on the next few games...

Example: Almost everybody in college football was rooting for Michigan and Cincinnati this year... Nobody wanted to see Alabama and Georgia have it out for another national championship.

Additionally, how many fans across America root for whoever is playing Tom Brady or New England at the time?

If you're a Dallas Cowboy fan, here's your invitation. Adopt a second team. Buy a hat or a jersey. Show the world that you can be the type of fan to have a team in the postseason once in for all. Living on that 90's success was acceptable twenty years ago. It no longer is. Go Chiefs.

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