As temps start to cool off, if we're going to get an actual Fall this year, it's time to start thinking about wasps. As the flowering fauna starts to enter it's last moments of life this year, wasps tend to cross paths more often with people. Wasp nest are nearing their maximum size for the year, so they're starting to send out as many foragers to find new sources of sweets and protein packed foods. If your kids play Fall sports, you probably know all too well what a risk tossing trash into a trash can at any sporting event can be right about now. And the cooler the weather gets, the more likely you are to see dozens of these stinging devils flying around trash cans, dumpsters, etc...

Also, if you haven't taken care of nests found around your home, this is the time of year these pretty mild mannered creatures get easily irritated. They've worked all Summer building their home, they're going to defend it at the drop of a hat. It's just the nature of nature in this case.

So how do you combat it? Well, in my case, I have a hard time telling the difference between plain old paper wasps and yellowjackets. They look real similar, but my method of destruction is the same for either... I generally wait until nightfall. They seem to be pretty well lethargic after the sun goes down, so I'll sneak out there and spray them with whatever I have on hand. Sometimes it's regular old bug-b-gone, other times it's dedicated wasp spray. Either way, I spray quick and run like hell. Haven't been stung yet.

If you start to hear weird sounds in the attic or in the ceiling above the porch, call a pro. Those angry red wasps and legit white bald-face wasps are nothing to mess with homeowner style.

If you want more information about wasps in Oklahoma, check out this article on the subject from the OSU Extension.

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