I absolutely adore dogs. It's hard not to. They have character and personality. When you see an adorable pup, it's hard to resist giving it a belly rub or a good scratch behind the ears. I know that's exactly what my little fellas would love. But wait. Is that always an appropriate thing to do? There's a way you can tell by the color of the dog's collar.

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Readers Digest is a publication that has been around for decades. In a recent article, experts claim you should be on the lookout for color-coded collars and accessories. It can be tempting to approach a precious pooch, but depending on the color of its collar, you should proceed with caution or not at all.


Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

What does it mean when you see a dog wearing a red collar or bandana? Although the dog may look friendly, red is the universal color for "stop". We see it everywhere from warning flags to stop signs. When worn by a dog, the professionals say a red collar could indicate the dog may be aggressive and needs space from other animals and people. In some cases, the color may be worn by service or emotional support animals. Many times it's a red vest with the phrase "do not pet".

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

This color-coding practice has been around for a while - mainly among breeders and those in the professional world of canines - but is being picked up by more and more people. Additionally, red isn't the only color that's used in the coding system. There's more to know.

  • Yellow: This color is usually set aside for dogs that may be unpredictable or a little skittish. While this isn't a hard "stop", you should approach carefully.
  • Green: If you see this color you know it's alright to approach the dog. However, always ask permission from the owner first.
  • Orange: Typically this color is worn by a dog that does not play well with other animals. Steer clear if you're walking your dog.
  • Blue: These colors of collars and vests are usually code for a service animal or canine-in-training. Approach with caution and always ask permission of the handler.

I'd say this is some helpful information. Whether you're a dog owner yourself or know someone who is, pass the word along. As adorable as our furry friends can be, having a heads-up if things aren't safe is always a good thing.

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