It seems that most people tend to have a love/hate relationship with Oklahoma's orginal drive-in restaurant.

Started humbly enough serving cheap drinks and burgers in Shawnee, now a global conglomerate, the menu has changed quite a bit over the years but still remains full of Sooner State favs.

The surprising thing is that there are a ton of fan-favorite items Sonic still serves that aren't on the menu. Like the Frito Chili Pie and cheese curds. Sometimes you'll see those items in the app, and then the next time you go to order them, they won't be there. It's weird.

While Okie fans still fawn over the seemingly endless list of possible drinks you can order at the drive-in, it seems the sun has set on the burgers. They came in dead last on the review site, most people mentioned how good they once were.

Okies say the same thing about Braum's burgers too, so I wouldn't read too much into it.

From best to worst, here's how Sonic's food ranked with Oklahomans.

Sonic Snacks - Ranked Best to Worst

We can all agree that the Oklahoma original Sonic is still America's #1 drink spot, but have you ever ventured out from your typical cherry-vanilla-whatever? Here's a quick rundown on how the internet reviews rank the best and worst at Sonic.

Oklahoma Restaurants People Swear Are Worth The Drive

Eating out is entertainment. Sometimes it's you and your better half, other times you'll drag the family along with you. Either/or, if you've got time to kill and want to sample the best Oklahoma offers, here are the restaurants' everyone swears are worth every moment in the car to and from.

Oklahoma's Highest-Rated Barbeque Joints, In No Particular Order...

I doubt there's a single topic debated more passionately in Oklahoma than who makes the best BBQ. While they all smoke meat, there are some huge differences in how that process is done. Type of wood, length of cook, foil vs paper wrap, and even the hot topics of seasoning and binders come into play. What you like others may not, and vice versa. Since we can't just pick a top five or ten, here are the Oklahoma barbeque joints that have the biggest fans.

Oklahoma's Dust Bowl & Depression Era Desserts You Should Try Today

If you're not up on your Oklahoma history, drought struck the region around the same time America's great economic collapse happened. We know it as the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.

While thousands of Okies left to become Californians, those that stayed did as best they could to lift spirits in a time of overbearing adversary. They say the key to contentment is a full belly, and Oklahoma's pioneer women came up with some really strange recipes to please the palate.

Treat yourself and make one or more of these over the next few months.

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