Proclaiming a steakhouse to be the best in the Lone Star State is a bold statement, to put it mildly. 

Texas is known for its great food. We’re proud of the many great options we have to choose from. Of course, as the nation’s top beef-producing state, many of our favorites are made from beef. 

And every out-of-stater knows that no trip to Texas would be complete without having a steak. Many of us who reside here are on a mission to try the best steakhouses across this great state of ours.

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So, who has the best steak in Texas? 

Any steakhouse worth its salt will proudly proclaim its steaks are the best you can get, as they should. That’s why it’s always beneficial to use an independent source when deciding which places to add to your steakhouse bucket list. 

In that case, The Daily Meal put in the work to determine the best steakhouse in each state. We can only imagine how long it took to comb through all the great steakhouses in the Lone Star State to figure out which was best, much less all 50 states. 

Ultimately, B&B Butchers and Restaurant in Houston was named the best steakhouse in the state (there’s also a location in Fort Worth). Here’s what The Daily Meal had to say:

One of the most extensive steak menus on this entire list comes from B&B Butchers and Restaurant...All steaks are dry-aged on-site in a room that features a wall of Himalayan sea salt.This meat is not only used in brilliant stand-alone steaks but also in more inventive dishes like Beef Wellington and an A5 wagyu Katsu Sando.

You’ll find B&B Butchers and Restaurant at 1814 Washington Ave.

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