Who doesn't love coming together for a festival? Well one towns has me asking several questions.

Ever Heard of Clute, Texas?

In strange Texas towns I discovered today, the town of Clute has caught my attention. Located south of Houston, the town of over 10,000 is not really famous for a lot. Pretty much two things from what I am seeing. The discovery of a pair of mammoth tusks.

The Clute Mammoth Tusks

Then they're home to a mosquito festival every year, that apparently attracts 18,000 people annually.

The Great Texas Mosquito Festival

Coming July 25th through the 27th in Clute, Texas. You can honor mosquitos, for some effing reason in Texas. Speaking on behalf of all of us? Why would any town want to honor mosquitos? Seriously, when one of those things bites you NO ONE is happy about it. We're not like, "Oh Mr. Mosquito I know you enjoy sucking my blood, have at it my tiny friend."

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No, we smack the hell out of those things like we do all summer long. Apparently the mascot for the festival Willie Man Chew (the giant mosquito pictured above) decided that Clute is the perfect town for him and his mosquito friends. Attention all Texas mosquitos, you can all go to Clute and suck their blood all summer long. They love you down there.

Of all the things I expected to see at a summer festival in Texas. I never expected us to honor mosquitos being a part of a town. Congrats Clute, you officially have the strangest festival in Texas.

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