The Really Annoying Things Craft Beer Hipsters Say
Behold the less than mighty craft beer hipster in all his insignificant glory. There are only a few types of people or personalities in this world who truly annoy me, these guys are near the very top of the list. To say I dislike them is putting it mildly, I have a deep psychotic hatred for the craf…
Guy Experiments To See If Face Masks Really Work
If like myself you've been concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically you've been wondering if all these face masks that we're now required to wear are actually working. Pondering the question "Are they effective at slowing or stopping the spread of Coronavirus?&qu…
Woman Plays Dead to Escape Buffalo Attack
The woman in this video is charged by a buffalo and she trips trying to run away from it. So she played dead and it actually worked the buffalo lost interest and eventually walked away. She got lucky, real lucky!

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