Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love Whataburger any more than I already do, they go and add boneless wings to the menu. 

I’ll readily admit to being a Whataburger fanboy. Seriously, I have Whataburger merchandise in my home. 

And while I disable most app notifications on my phone, that’s not the case with the Whataburger app. That way if I get an alert saying I have a free burger coming my way, I pretty much have to eat Whataburger that day.

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And speaking of the app, I highly recommend downloading it and becoming a rewards member. I can’t tell you how much free food my wife and I have been treated to this year. Yeah, Whataburger takes care of their fans. 

Back to them boneless wings they’re going to add to the menu next year. According to Secret Dallas, the new Whatawings will be available in honey barbecue, sweet and spicy, honey butter (yum), and of course, buffalo. 

The wings are expected to hit the menu in the first week of January. It’s also believed that they will be a seasonal offering like the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich.

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