Gas prices have been on the rise lately. Let's look at the Texas cities that have been affected the least. 

Even though the price of gas is on the uptick, it’s still much cheaper than it was less than two years ago. The national average in June of 2022 was a shocking $5.006, 37% higher than the current national average of $3.148 (current as of February 5, according to Nerdwallet).

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The price of gas is expected to rise over the next few months as demand increases. Fewer people travel during the winter months, keeping the price of gas down. 

What is the average price of gas in Texas? 

As of February 8, the average price of gas in the Lone Star State is $2.822. Texans are currently among those paying the least for gas on average. The state has the 9th lowest gas prices in the nation. Oklahoma currently has the lowest average price of gas in the country at $2.674.

Which Texas city has the lowest gas prices? 

Amarillo has the lowest gas prices in the state. The average price of gas in Amarillo is $2.504, down from $2.599 last week. 

10 Texas Cities with the Lowest Gas Prices 

  1. Amarillo: $2.504 
  2. Lubbock: $2.602 
  3. Wichita Falls: $2.663 
  4. Tyler: $2.681 
  5. San Angelo: $2.697 
  6. Longview: $2.718 
  7. Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood: $2.749 
  8. Beaumont-Port Arthur: $2.753 
  9. Victoria: $2.756 
  10. Waco: $2.761 

Which Texas city has the highest gas price? 

Midland currently has the highest gas prices in the state. The average price of gas is $2.936, down from $2.969 a week ago. 

Get the average price of gas in each Texas metro at this location.

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