Texas is blooming now that spring is here, and one of the most iconic things to do this time of year is take photos in a field of bluebonnets.

From family portraits to graduation shoots or even just a casual photo sesh with friends, there is nothing quite as Texan as a picture in front of a blooming field of the Texas state flower.

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While we all know (or at least you should know) that is it best to avoid trampling the flowers in order to maintain their beauty for longer, there is another reason you should avoid sitting, laying, or walking too deep in a field of blue bonnets.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook shared a video that would have most people startled and possibly avoiding bluebonnets all together.

The video shows a pair of Diamondback rattlesnakes peaking their heads up over the tops of the blue flowers.

While they look to be doing some sort of dance, or maybe just trying to get a better view, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife they are actually two male snakes sparring over a female.

This is a great reminder that there are many critters that live in Texas fields, and it is vital to keep an eye out and avoid putting yourself or your family in danger. As long as you has a watchful eye, listen for and rattlers, and don’t pester any wildlife you may come across, you should be fine to still take your photos and have a good time.

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