McDonald's McFlurry Makeover: Spoons are Out, What's In?

One of the most recognizable utensils in the fast food world is about to disappear for good. Say goodbye to the McFlurry spoons. According to CNN, McDonald's is getting rid of the hollow, plastic utensil and replacing it with a more sustainable option.

Why are the McDonald's McFlurry spoons hollow?

While a lot of people think it serves as a straw, if you were to take a slurp, you'd soon realize that's a wrong assumption. The reason the spoon has its hollow shape is because it's used as a spindle for the McFlurry machine to mix the toppings and ice cream together. See it in action in the video below.

Why is McDonald's getting rid of the McFlurry spoons?

The though is that it reduces single-use plastic waste. The fast food chain plans to replace the spoons with smaller spoons (less plastic) that they currently use for their sundaes. As for the McFlurry machine, it'll have a reusable spindle that will be swapped and cleaned after each treat is made.

What other changes is McDonald's making?

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, they've tested out strawless lids, swapped some plastic happy meal toys for 3D paper toys, and recently said they're going to be phasing out their soft-serve soda machines over the next several years.

While there are several things making their way out, there are some exciting new surprises too. McDonald's announced the return of the McRib, some fun new sauces, AND new toys. There are even some freebies headed our way...

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