Here are the 10 best guitar and keyboard duos in progressive rock!

Progressive rock is known for its extremely sophisticated and nuanced – but delightfully cohesive – instrumentation. Therefore, each member needs to be a top-tier musician in their own right while also fitting into the band’s overarching chemistry.

Those expectations are particularly true for the group’s guitarist(s) and keyboardist(s).

That’s not to say that the rhythm section doesn’t demand a lot of skill and synergy, too; however, it’s often the guitarists and keyboardists who get the spotlight in terms of flashy riffs, solos and the like. In other words, their contributions typically stand out most (with the drummer and bassist keeping things going beneath the surface).

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In fact, the best guitarist/keyboardist team-ups can be vital to the band’s creative magic, as the 10 duos on this list prove. At times, both people are overt showmen, but in other cases, one person simply acts as the subdued wingman of the other.

Regardless, these acts obviously wouldn’t be the same without these pairs working together.

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