During a recent interview with Rock Feed (seen below), Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke revealed that there's one song in his history that he absolutely should get roasted for doing. That song would be "Alone."

Over the course of a lengthy career, many acts may look back upon their early works and find fault with them, especially as they evolve musically and mature as people. For Radke, the one song that he takes issue with from his early career is "Alone," the lead single from the 2013 album, Fashionably Late.

About "Alone"

As stated, "Alone" was the lead single off the Fashionably Late album back in 2013. The song itself was a mix of aggressive rock riffage and heavy beats with Radke alternating between rapping and clean singing.

The song finds Radke addressing his "haters" on Twitter and some of his musical peers. With a little braggodocio to his style, he boasts in the song, "I gotta lot of people talkin nothin’ but chatter / Why’d you switch your style up and that I don’t matter? / Man I’ve been in rap since I was shittin’ in pampers / Climbed the ladder to the top and now I’m shittin’ on rappers."

The track had some modest success in the U.S., climbing to No. 27 on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs Chart.

Falling in Reverse, "Alone"

What Ronnie Radke Said Now About "Alone"

In speaking with Rock Feed, the Falling in Reverse singer recalled, "I've been doing this rap and rock stuff for a long time, but I put out this song called 'Alone,' it's the dumbest song."

When the host recalled the song as having a great hook, Radke responded, "Bro, oh my god. You're a nice guy and it IS a great hook, but the lyrics and verses are ASS dude. It was so bad and it's so embarrassing."

"I deserve to get roasted for it and I welcome and deserve all the roast for it," says Radke. "You look back and cringe at stuff, right? When that first came out, I wasn't getting attacked yet. And I put that out and I got destroyed for it. It really broke me down."

Putting Criticism in Perspective

While Radke is welcoming your roasts about "Alone," the Falling in Reverse frontman alludes to being better equipped to handle the critiques nowadays than he did in his youth. For that, he credits perspective as being a driving force in not taking things as personally.

While the initial criticism of "Alone" was harsh, he adds, "It was not as worse as going to prison. So nothing is as worse as that, so I can handle anything bro."

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Reflecting on some of the social media hate that comes his way, he explains, "You're going to talk crap to me? You're in Kansas and you're going to say, 'I suck at music' from your apartment. It feels like the world is against you, but then you come up and realize that a tweet that gets 2,000 likes, but your show is selling 10,000 tickets. A tweet about you that's negative gets 2,000 likes, and everybody thinks that's a lot. But then you go play a show for 10,000 people and then you go to the next show and it's 15,000 people, right? So you've got to put things into perspective."

He adds, "I don't care as much as I used to, and that comes with age."

Falling in Reverse's Ronnie Radke Speaks With Rock Feed

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