If you could travel through time, would you use it for personal gain? Or would you warn your fellow Oklahomans of what could be the largest tornado ever recorded?

I know it's a ridiculous premise, but it's a slow news day and this made me laugh over the weekend.

A time traveler is using their ability to warn Oklahoma of biggest-ever tornado.

For the record, Oklahoma currently holds almost all of the records tied to tornadoes. We've had the biggest tornado on record--El Reno 2013--it was a staggering 2.6 miles wide... but since the Enhanced Fujita Scale is based on destruction, it was only categorized as an EF3.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

A different tornado--the legendary May 3rd '99 Bridge Creek-Moore Tornado--also recorded the highest wind speed the earth has ever experienced. Officially listed as a sustained speed of 301 mph--the high record--but the winds briefly peaked on Doppler radar at 320 MPH.

This was the tornado that broke the Fujita Scale. Wind speed dictated it would score as an F6, but since scientists determined there was no way to escalate destruction beyond the F5 standard of "incredible damage," they downgraded it to F5 status and created the Enhanced Fujita Scale to measure all future events.

If time travel proves to be real, here is the 2024 prediction for Oklahoma.

Center For Severe Weather Research Scientists Search For Tornadoes To Study
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The largest tornado ever recorded will hit Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday, April 6th.

It will be over 15 miles wide with wind speeds over 650 MPH.

Apparently, science will conclude that it will deserve an official F6 listing.


As we're all so aware in the Sooner State, the weather is incredibly hard to predict. Meteorologists, for their best efforts, don't hardly know what's going to happen this afternoon let alone six weeks from now.

All the same, since weather professionals are batting +/-.200 the last six months or so, this random TikTok time traveler has similar odds of being right.

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