Every year on December 24, Santa Claus "rocks and rolls all nite" delivering presents, so naturally ahead of his journey this year a few mall goths dressed up as Kiss to bid him well and get some photos with the man of the hour.

The trio dressed up as the Spaceman, the Demon and the Catman and brought an extra star cutout prop for Santa to pose as the Starchild to complete the band lineup. Clearly the women were an automatic add to the nice list with the gesture, captioning their TikTok video with, "Santa said he wants to take us to see a cover band."

The alternative fest tradition has been a big trend again this season as mall goths have waited patiently in line to meet with mall Satan, er, Santa. In fact, Business Insider wrote a story on the trend, noting that "Emo Santa'' has 9 billion views on TikTok, while "Goth with Santa" has brought in more than 9 million views. Though, the idea goes back decades to the '80s and '90s, with plenty of throwback photos taking over the social media platform as well.

Just last week, on Dec. 19, Cannibal Corpse's Corpsegrinder posed with St. Nick on his lap, and a day later, donated a bunch of stuffed animals from a claw machine for kids in need.

And recently, a "Random Goth Couple" on YouTube did a deep dive into why "mall goths and mall Santas are so inexplicably intertwined," offering a docu-style video of their own meeting with the jolly old fella to see how it went (spoiler alert: it was "absolutely amazing").

Here are some of the other great shares of mall goths and mall Santas on TikTok this season:

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