If you're a horror film fan and enjoy all the 80s slasher movies you'll love this one. With it being the Halloween season it's time to hit play on all the "must-see" horror and monster movies to get in the mood.


If you haven't seen this one you're missing out. We're talking about some Sooner State homegrown horror. It's an 80s slasher movie that was filmed entirely in Oklahoma at Lake Fort Gibson. It's pure Okie awesomeness.

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The 1980s were the golden years for slasher movies we had Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween II, III, IV, and V, My Bloody Valentine, Child's Play, The Slumber Party Massacre, and no list of 80s slasher films would be complete without mentioning Oklahoma's very own Terror at Tenkiller.


Yes, that b-horror classic slasher flick that was filmed right here in Oklahoma. So have you ever heard of it before? If not you have to see it, especially if you're into b-horror movies. You can hardly call yourself an Okie unless you've seen it. Yes, it's a real movie and yes it's really bad. But in a really good way.

While the title of the movie is Terror at Tenkiller and is supposed to take place at Tenkiller Lake it was actually filmed at Lake Fort Gibson. It was written by Claudia Meyer and produced/directed by Ken Meyer.

See the official movie poster below for Terror at Tenkiller released  in 1986

United Entertainment Pictures
United Entertainment Pictures

The story is about two college girls, Leslie and Janna who travel to Tenkiller Lake for the Summer to get away from Janna's abusive boyfriend Josh. They get Summer jobs at the local diner and that's when things start to go wrong, dead wrong. Someone is going on a murderous rampage and the bodies are stacking up.


The movie stars Stacey Logan, Michelle Merchant, Michael Shamus Wiles and Kevin Meyer. It's a great b-horror 80s slasher film that's sure to bring back some fond memories and a few laughs.

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