Jack Osbourne is one of the many members of the rock and metal community that have provided assistance to Ukraine in some way. In a new post on Instagram, he revealed that he actually went to Romania to help Ukrainian orphans who left their homes as a result of the ongoing war.

According to the caption of Osbourne's post, he volunteered at the border of Romania and Ukraine last week with an organization called Third Wave Volunteers. They provided medical help to special needs orphans who were evacuated from their home country by another non-profit organization in order to stay safe. He called the trip "incredibly eye opening and profound," and assured that the border was stocked with supplies and resources to help.

"I’ve been very hesitant about posting this because I didn't do this for attention and I’m sick of seeing people doing stuff for causes just so they can post about it. I did this because I felt compelled to help and posting a flag or whatever just doesn’t quite feel like enough," Osbourne wrote.

"Although while I was there we were unable to get the children out, the NGO have began to evacuate them now, thankfully. I saw aspects of humanity at its worst yet also at its greatest. Whilst working along the border I saw waves and waves of refugees, mainly women and children all fleeing their country in hopes of finding safety. Fear and uncertainty was the most common feeling that was being portrayed."

The full post includes a slideshow of photos and video clips from his experience in Romania. See it below.

Third Wave Volunteers' website states that there are over 1,000 special needs orphans that have been stuck in Ukraine's capital of Kiev with adoptive parents from the U.S. who are waiting for them. A makeshift orphanage has been set up in the Romanian republic of Moldova, and two nannies will be taking care of the 36 children who've been evacuated there.

Click this link to see detailed updates about their mission and to donate.

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