I have been waiting for SOMEONE to step up and do this. Looks like one dealership wants some free advertising and I am going to give it to them.

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By now, we have all seen the red pickup truck that got flipped over in the tornado. Then, re-flipped back onto its wheels and drove off like nothing happened.

Turns out, it was just a 16-YEAR-OLD kid in the truck. "When I landed on my wheels my hands landed on my lap and I saw everything and I was like probably nothing happened," said Riley Leon. Well, the truck still ran, but it did have some pretty bad scratches, dents, and glass blown out.

The truck was flipped over by a freaking tornado and if that isn't bonus points for Chevy here in Texas. It looks like one dealership wants to hook Riley here up with a brand new truck. Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet over in Fort Worth have been in contact with Riley and he will be getting a brand new Chevy Silverado this Saturday.

Riley told KVUE, the truck used to be his dads, but it was given to him when he turned sixteen. Riley was actually driving back from a job interview at Whataburger when he got caught in the storm. I like this kid, Whataburger and pickup trucks. Me and him would get along just fine.


Hopefully Riley's new truck doesn't have to be tornado tested. It's Texas, so you never know.

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